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Sunday, August 17, 2014

My new additction !!

I always liked pretty things ... Pink, teddy bears, flowers, stars, really everything that's pretty !! And now I found something that combines every pretty and sweet thing there is !! 


I could stare at cupcakes all day, eat cupcakes, breath cupcakes, dream of cupcakes ... I don't remember how the interest started but at this point I cant go a week without cupcakes ... I actually thought about doing the "Eurostar" in one day juste to go buy some ... because in Paris, choice is limited and prices are high ... 

From my experience in Paris, I can give "Miss Cupcakes" the number #1 place, the cupcakes are very good, not english good but very good.The prices .... Ouchhhh! Get ready to give at least 18€ if you buy 6 or 3.50€ for one cupcake and dont expect it to be the "english size" either ... smaller than the regular cupcake. Also it opens at noon, so dont count on it for breakfast :) No special box, so you either take your own carrier or you get home with your 18€ beautifull cupcakes all smutched up. And seriously, who wants to eat that ? The service is nice tho. And that's really important ! I go there when I really want cupcakes and I dont feel like baking and if I have a lot of money hahaha.

"Miss cupcakes" in Paris ... Don't forget to take your box !

Considering that I can make 32 or more cupcakes with less than 18€, I had to get to work ! 

But we'll get to that. Now number #2 "Berko", the one at Gare de Lyon ! If you're desperate and have no where else to go ... 12,50€ the 6 miniatuuuureee cupcakes with a kind hole in the bottom, taste is not remarquable but I cant really tell because they were so small ! Service is "no thank you", she smutched the sides putting the cakes in the box, she didn't even put them in the carrier correctly so I got home and they were a disaster. Not even a smile and when I asked the flavours it was like I was asking her to give me a kidney !!! Positive things, the diversity. Nutella,Oreo, Red Velvet, etc, and they open earlier than "Miss Cupcakes".

Tears ....

But wait for number #3 "Chloes cupcakes", its a Noooooooooooo!!! You know in the horror movies when the girl goes in the room where the killer is and you wanna scream : "Nooooooooo dont go in there !!!"? That kind of noooooooo.

It's awful from the moment you enter untill you get home and put the cupcakes in your mouth. You just put your hands behind your head and say : "Fuckkk!! I paid 14€ for these 4 crappy cupcakes ?"... You feel like crying :( The service is awful, no choice, I had 5 miserable cupcakes to choose from, and the worst cupcakes I ever had. They were supposed to be fresh baked, but they were frozen, hard as rocks from 2 or 3 days maybe and tasteless and the little taste you can get out of it was from the chocolate mousse frosting. And don't you dare ask if they have anything else in store, you will get the ugliest "I hate you" face you'lle ever see. Also opens at noon. So do yourself a favour and never go there. There are two other cupcake stores around the corner, it's not worth the trouble, trust me. I got out of there wondering : "Did I say something wrong ? Was I not nice ? Do I smell bad ? "

So here we come to my quest, the quest for the perfect CUPCAKE ... I launched myself on this adventure around November 2013 after that awful experience and never stopped since. I do cupcakes every week. I don't change a lot because the kids have their favourites and so do I.

I recently discouvered a recipe in a great site .

The kids say that they are the best muffins I ever made so far and they are delicious indeed.

I will post the recipe later, since I'm having a bit of a problem with the cake flour conversion, but as soon as I get them straigth I'll be back. I'll leave some of my "works of art"in the meanwhile :

This week's "swir
roses" Vanilla muffin and vanilla /strawberry frosting

Chocolate muffin and strawberry jam frosting

Trying to swirl ... Plain vanilla !
I have any many more, I will try to post one recipe a week, but no followers, no promises ;)

Till then, XoXO !!

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