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Sunday, September 9, 2012

And here's my "I don't know anymore since I created so many" blOg ...

I really hope this One will be the One... One of the reasons for creating this blog is I wanna share with the wOrld things that make my day a little brigther ! EnGlish is nOt my native language so I apOlogize in advance  4 any mistakes U encounter and I invite you to correct me ... Why english ? Come on man ! It's the number one spoken writen singged language in the world !!
I alsO have the annOying habit of putting capital letters wherE they dOn't belOng but it'S soooo pretty :)
But I'll try to control it ! PrOmise ! Upps !
I just love pretty things ... Food, Déco, DIY, Pictures, Organizing ... I can stay hours on Pinterest ... I cook, I clean, I follow tips and honestlly (promise u wont laugh ! ) it changed my life.
But I'm not perfect, far from that ... I'm a bit lazy, I'm a shoppahoolic, impacient, and so many more I can't tell because I would like people to come back hahaha

My Minnie Mouse phase ....

So welcome tO my little wOrld ...

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