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Monday, September 10, 2012

When inspiration comes ...

I'm so electric tOday, I guess it's those first enthusiastic blog days ... Better take advantage of it :) 

Let's go on with FOod ! For Yara's 8th birthday I wanted to do something special, since her friends from school were coming and it was our last year in Portugal. Had to return tO work, fun times are over :(

Among the few great little things I did there was a marshmallow's, gummybear's, candy egg's, gummy everything's cake ! So easy to make and soooo pretty :) Could have been better looking (I think that a bit more gummys to cover up the silver correctly would't hurt) but money was short, I did the best I could.

Just buy lots of candies and marshmallows, find (ask in big appliances magazines, they're always throwing them away) or buy some styrofoam 3 or 4 cm (don't know in inchs), cut 3 different sizes in the shape u want to(a tower of rounds is nice too), cover up in aluminium paper and then assemble it with some toothpicks ! Next cut a bunch of toothpicks in half and start pinning them to the styrofoam (The pointy part in the foam, made my fingers hurt for days) ! and vOilà !
So Cute the shot glasses filled with chocolat mousse and 4 M&Ms on top (Peanuts ou chocolat - ur chOice !). I was going to put a chantilly lay over the chocolat mousse but nO time!

The fruit sticks on the cabbage were nice tOo but since this wasn't a mega party with dozens of kids I  couldn't do much more. Hate wasting ! ChOose fruits that don't get dark like apple . I had grappes, kiwi, peach and MangO !!

She was so happy !!! I cried so hard those last days (not for me, I wanted to leave) ... They had to leave their friends, their 1st grade friends ... But at least they gOt tO spend one final happy day together !

Girl POweR

XoxO ( Damn I really need a catchy goodbye phrase! )

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