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Monday, December 24, 2012

Sand Cookies 4 Santa !!!


Here I am, back again from the "dead". 

Guess now I know why the other blogs didn't work :(

The thing is :

 - I'm not a SAHM, I work, and a lot !!

I know it's not an excuse but sometimes I'm so tired that when I get into bed, my eyelids shut down even when I say nO :(

This is my Christmas break, so I'm gonna try to write a little bit more :)

These last few weeks I worked on my special "Sand CoOkieS" !!!

Really easy to do, to bake and to eat ... Yummiii !

Suki 's Sand COokieS !!

Basic ingredients :                         Special flavours :
* 320 flour                                    * Grated lemon (my favourite)
* 150 sugar                                   * Vanilla scent (My collegue Steph's favourite)
* 200 butter                                  * Cinnamon (yummi too)

Mix everything in a bowl with your hands till its nice and soft !! On a table just spread it with a roll dough and with some cookie cutters finish the job :)

Pre-heat the oven to 180°C and then place the cookies in the oven plate over some non-stick paper and flour for 10 to 15 m  !!

And the end, while they're still hot, roll the in some granulated sugar or sprinkle with powder sugar and eat up !!!! Delicious !!

For The holidays Season I went nuts and decorated !!! Thanks to these babies and 

Hope U enjoyed the "Comeback" !! 

Wish  U all a MERRY CHRISTMAS  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XOxO !!!

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