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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lasagna chicken ... Good memories from Italie...

Well hello again my friends (me) !!! Today there was a super promotion on the lasagna sheets so I bought 2 boxes (even tough I'm tOo lazy to do my own lasagnas and I so know it). 

Hummm.... What to do ? What to do ? I'm not a big fan of the regular lasagna (2 much tomato sauce makes me sick !!) I started remeniscing on my one-year volunteer career in Italie... and I remembered this amazing creamy chicken lasagna I had so oftem when I was in the center with the "ragazzi" ("boys" thats what we called the "kids" that we helped) !

Got to say, I gained like 9 kgs (almost 20 pounds) in my first month there... I was huge... but to me, italien food is like american food... IRRESISTIBLE !!!!

Me and one of the "ragazzi" .... Summer of 98 ... OMG !!! I was so fat !!!
I had 2 chins loool !!!

Back 2 the lasagna !

I did a little montage 'cause it's easier ... 

Ingredients and processus :

250 gr of peelled pre-cooked chicken (1st image)
1 onion ( sliced and diced) 

In a frying pan, mix it up with some 50 gr of unsalted butter and add 1 can of mushrooms (or sliced real ones if u have the courage).

When the chicken has some colour, add the cream. The recipe I had said 50 cl, but I put half of it and I'm glad I did because 50 is just too much !! S&P 
and ...

... Now just let it stir for 10 to 15m and get ur Béchamel Sauce ready (or buy it, whattever !!)

Forgot to take the pictures on this one ... Upps !!

50 cl milk
50 gr butter
S&P and Nutmeg

Sometimes I also mix an egg yolk to the béchamel sauce but this time I didn't think it was necessary 'cayse the whole lasagna is pretty rich itself.

NOw all the ingredient layers are ready to be applied :

Start like this : 

- Lasagna sheets
- Béchamel
- Chicken Mix
- Gratted cheese (I use emmental, but mozzarela's fine too)

... until there's no more ingredients!!

Just keep in mind the last layer has to be :

!! Lasagna, béchamel, cheese !!

Put it in a pre-heated oven at 180°C (350°F) for 30m at least ... Keep an eye on it. I had some special lasagna sheets that don't require pre cooking, so it didn't take long.

And voilà !!!!

It was AWESOMEEEEE !!!! and the watercress/sweetcorn salade made it AWESOMEEEEEEER !!!

Enjoy it and have a nice day !! Don't hesitate to ask or give suggestions !!

XoxO !!

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